County batwing mowerThe Marshall County Commissioners are very happy that a private company submitted bid to handle the mowing of the county right-of-ways for 2021.

The County Highway Department budgeted $30,000 for the mowing crew and $7,500 for the supervisor in 2021.  Superintendent Jason Peters says the Highway Department spends about $30,000 on equipment and repairs each year along with $20,000 for fuel and $5,000 for damages. That is over $92,000 each year.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said, “I’m really looking forward to not having to mow the county roads and I’m sure the Highway Department is because it is a very costly project.”  He said the equipment costs along with fuel and manpower is a huge undertaking on top of the daily activities of the Highway Department.  Overmyer said, “Hopefully we can have a long-term relationship with this company and get rid of some of our headaches.”

S&M Contractors LLC out of Goshen was the only company to bid on the mowing.  Their rate was $21 per center line at 911 miles.

Jason Peters said they will mow 4 times a year and each round will be approximately $19,131 or $76,524.  He said it will be a bit little bit less because the county will still do bat-wing-mowing on Lincoln Highway, Pioneer Drive and Michigan Road.