Fire InvestigationOn Monday, the Plymouth Fire Department and the Indiana State Fire Marshal investigated the commercial building fire that occurred on Saturday evening at 201 ½ North Michigan Street.  The deeded owner of the building is JMU Properties in Plymouth, or J. Michael Umbaugh.

While the Marshall County Dispatch Center said a maintenance worker had called in the fire after the furnace backfired while he was working on the furnace.

On Monday Fire Chief Rod Miller said their investigation ruled the cause of the fire to be “undetermined”.  They investigated the area of origin and could not come to a conclusion for an actual cause of the fire.  He went on to say, “The building has been turned over to the owners and the insurance company.”

During the City meeting on Monday, Mayor Senter asked the Board of Public Works and Safety to approve a request to allow a dumpster on Garro Street for cleanup of the fire.  He noted that the initial request was to place a generator on Garro Street but NIPSCO was able to get the lights on today so the request was changed to a dumpster.