County News # 1Marshall County Coroner John Grolich told the Commissioners on Monday that he received an invoice in the mail from American Mortuary Supplies in Fallbranch, Tennessee for supplies ordered for the new morgue.

The invoice total was $26,215 and $943.56 for shipping and the coroner was seeking a pre-pay.  He did have some concern on the shipping cost and said he spoke with Jason Peters from the County Highway Department to see if they could drive to Tennessee and pick-up the supplies cheaper than the shipping cost.

Grolich said the supplies include the 10-body storage cooler, lifting devices and racks and trays for the body storage.  He said he shopped around and saved several hundreds of dollars going with American Mortuary Supplies.

The County Commissioners approved the pre-pay and are looking into the possibility of handling the shipping through the highway department or by contracting with another provider who would be cheaper.

Commissioner Mike Burroughs said there could be some permitting since the county truck would be crossing state lines.  He also said shipping cost is typically determined by the weight of the products being shipped.  They will continue to look into the shipping.