Marshall County Building and Grounds Supervisor, Doug Masterson told the Commissioners he is interested in obtaining a double city lot that has a garage on it.

Masterson said there is a property at 716 North Plum Street that is listed for sale at $38,000.

He told the commissioners he’s been renting a small garage across the alley from the County Building for $500 per month.  Masterson said the garage has a basement under it so they don’t put heavy equipment in it.  Therefore, some of the county’s equipment sits out in the weather.

The lot at 716 North Plum Street does have a garage/shop that does need some work.  Purchasing this lot would allow the county’s building and grounds department to store all their equipment inside and actually free up some parking in the parking lot north of the Court House.

The commissioners agreed to hire Steve Harper and Bob Powell to conduct appraisals of the property.  Once that is complete, if the county is interested in the acquiring the property they would only be able to pay that average of the two appraisals.

Once the appraisals are completed and the commissioners determine if it would be beneficial, they will take the request to the County Council for funding.