Operation Quiet ComfortOperation Quiet Comfort held their Pulled Pork Dinner October 23rd at the Knights of Columbus for $10. It was advertised that they would be serving from 4-6 P.M. or until sold out.
A total of 257 dinners were sold during those hours at which time several hundreds of dollars were received in extra donations.
Operation Quiet Comfort extended how truly giving our community is along with humbled THANK YOU’s to those whom donated food and equipment:
Knights of Columbus-Building and Parking lot
Herb Schaller- Hog
Saylor’s- Butchering the Hog
Bruce’s “Big Grill”- Roasting the Hog
Bob’s Cafeteria Food Truck- Coleslaw and Take out Containers
Brass Rail- Baked Beans
Dairy Queen- Buns
Leo’s Family Restaurant- Plastic ware