Marshall County Health Department logoMarshall County Health Officer, Dr. Byron Holm announced Wednesday morning that Ashley Garcia is no longer employed with the County Health Department as the Administrator.  In the interim, Dr. Holm will be taking over many of the management duties.

In the release he says, “The Marshall County Health Department will continue to meet the needs of the community, as it has in the past.”  Speaking of COVID-19 Dr. Holm said, “We continue to see a rise in numbers as the pandemic sweeps across our county and state.  We are asking everyone to take part in masking up at all times and sanitizing you hands.”

The County Health Officer has again locked down nursing homes and other nursing facilities for visitation in an effort to protect the residents who are most vulnerable for COVID-19 infections.  He did note that schools including administrators, teachers and students are “doing an excellent job at keeping this controlled.”

Looking to the future Dr. Holm said he hopes to have some heated outdoor testing sites available to continue servicing county residents. The Health Officer said the new mobile medical unit is slated to arrive in late December and will be available for testing, immunizations and vaccinations across Marshall County.

While the Marshall County Health Department remains on the cutting edge of education, prevention and treatment of COVID-19, it is only possible with the public’s help.  Holm said, “We need to continue to social distance, mask up at all times, avoid crowds, stay home if ill and promote hand hygiene.”  He went on to say, “All these practices will help keep our schools open, businesses running and our residents healthy.”

Doctor Holm closed his comments saying, “It will take all Marshall County residents working together to make a difference.”