County news # 2The Marshall County Commissioners have extended the Public Health Disaster Emergency Declaration for another seven days.

On October 20th the county commissioners placed the county under the emergency declaration due to the increasing number of COVID-19 positive cases and an uptick in deaths. This will be the 11th week that the county has been placed under a public health disaster emergency.  The first was on March 20th and for eight consecutive weeks following that week.  The last time the county was under the emergency situation was the week of May 14th.

Placing the county under the emergency situation allows the County Health Officer Dr. Byron Holm to enact any necessary precautions to slowdown the spread of the virus.

The Public Health Disaster Emergency directs all public offices and employees of the county to, “exercise the utmost diligence in the discharge of duties required of them for the duration of the emergency.”  “All residents are called upon and directed to comply with necessary emergency measures.”

As of this declaration there have been 1490 positive cases since March and 29 deaths in Marshall County.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said on WTCA Wednesday morning, “Each week we must make the decision to extend recent or modify the Public Health Disaster Emergency Declaration.”  While the local declaration hasn’t ordered any change for residents or businesses, it does give the County Health Officer the ability to implement restrictions as a way of reducing the number of positive test results.

Overmyer urges residents to take personal responsibility and wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance.