NewsDuring Monday’s County Commissioner meeting, President Kevin Overmyer said he received complaints and pictures of an older combine with steel wheels driving on Ironwood road in the area of 18th Road.

Overmyer said referring to the picture, “It’s not a new combine, it’s maybe 20 to 30 years old and they took the rubber off and put these steel wheels on the combine and are driving it down the road.”  The picture shows the damage to the road surface.

Overmyer said he also received a voicemail saying they have been driving all over the area in the southern part of the county taking this combine to different fields.  Overmyer said, “We need to do something about this.”

County Attorney Jim Clevenger asked if there is a requirement that you have to have tires to drive on county roads.  He also thought it might be covered by state statute. Clevenger suggested referring it to the Sheriff’s Department to investigate.

Commissioners Stan Klotz suggested looking at the ordinance and see if they need to make some changes.

Overmyer said they are also driving tractors with steel wheels down in his area of the county.

The County Attorney said the county could file civil charges and make a claim for the damage done to the road surface.

Commissioners Overmyer suggested Highway Superintended Jason Peters drive through the area looking for the road damage and determine a cost to fix the roads and report back to the commissioners at their next meeting on November 2nd.


Overmyer also recommended looking into a ordinance that would prohibit steel wheel farm equipment from using county roads.