local News_2The Marshall County Commissioners will meet Monday morning at 9:30 in their second floor meeting room of the County Building.   There are several items on their agenda including Chuck DeWitt from the Unsafe Building Board.  There will be a public hearing on ordinance 2020-12 and reorganization of the board and a discussion on penalties and fines.

Josh Weger, Policy Director from the Indiana, Illinois, Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting will address the commissioners and County Plan Director, Ty Adley will present a case for Daniel Martin and RVH Trucking.

Ashley Garcia, Administrator for the County Health Department will seek approval for a grant application request and Michael Marshall from the County’s IT Department will discuss BIS Digital Livestream.

Linda and James Hall from Lake of the Woods will speak at the County Commissioners’ meeting on a pier on county owned property and the County Attorney and County Auditor will give their reports.

The Commissioners are also expected to make appointments to the Safety Committee.

The Commissioners meeting is open to the public and masks will be required at Monday’s meeting.