Clark & Lincoln Street _1City residents who live on Clark Street between Lincoln and Pearl Streets will have the opportunity to voice their thoughts on a request to only allow parking on one side of the street.

During Monday’s Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety a request from Maureen Holston was read.  She said the roadway is narrow and when residents park on both sides of the street there is no way trucks from the fire department could get down the street.

Clark & Lincoln Street_2Fire Chief Rod Miller confirmed her concerns that fire department trucks wouldn’t be able to maneuver through.

Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt said the street is only 22 feet wide.  While there are 9 lots on the section of street there are only 8 property owners.   He said there are 3 driveways on the north side of the street and 2 homes on the south side.

Before taking any official action, City Councilman Jeff Houin said a letter should be sent to residents to tell them the Board of Public Works and Safety will be considering no parking on the north side of Clark Street in the one block section.

The board will accept comments at their next meeting on Monday, July 27th at 6 p.m.