412 West Garro St_4Monday evening the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety affirmed the order City Building Commissioner, Keith Hammonds send regarding action on 412 West Garro Street.   He has deemed that the building is unsafe.

412 West Garro St_2The building sits immediately to the west of the Marshall County Neighborhood Center and is in bad shape.   The Building Commissioner has requested demolition of the structure because the building is already falling down.

The owner has 30 days from receipt of the order to show a substantial beginning of work and 60 days to complete the demolition.  If there is no compliance the city may hire a contractor to complete the work at the owner’s expense.  The property owner could also receive a penalty of up to $5,000.

412 West Garro St_3According to the Marshall County GIS the deeded owner of the property is Larry Arroyo of Plymouth.  The city placed a lien of $150 on the property in January of this year for weed cleanup.