County news # 2On Monday Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer appeared before the County Council to warn them of the need for additional funds for the COVID-19 pandemic.    Overmyer said the Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) will reimburse a large portion of the expenditures but the county needs to expend the funds first.

Earlier this spring the county put $50,000 into the COVID fund and Overmyer expects he will need up to an additional $50,000 at this time but it could be higher.  He said the county is eligible for $1.5 million from the federal government to COVID expenses.

Overmyer explained that the county hired Barns and Thornburg who are assisting with processing the claims through the IFA.  He said they determine which expenses are eligible for reimbursement.

There are a variety of expenses that can be covered.  County Auditor Julie Fox said the IT Department is looking at additional equipment needs if the second wave of the virus would come through and the county would have to shut down again.  Other expenses could include automatic door openers, cleaning and maintenance supplies along with personal protection equipment, plexiglass dividers, and even a morgue.  Overmyer did warn that everything had to be under contract by the end of this year.

Commissioner Overmyer will appear before the Council at their August meeting with the additional appropriation request for official action.