County News # 1On Monday, July 13th, Jason Peters, County Highway Superintendent appeared before the County Council seeking their support for additional roadwork to complete yet this year.

In January Marshall County was awarded $1 million of Community Crossings funding from the state and the council pledged $333,333 from the Rainy Day fund for the local matching funds.  The project the county planned to complete with the Community Crossing is a repave of North Michigan Road from 3rd Road to 7th Road.

The North Michigan Road project was awarded in the amount of $1,299,577 with the state’s share being $974,686 and the county’s share being $324,894.

Peters asked the County Council to consider the extra $8,438 from the local match and add an additional $166,666 to bring the total amount available to road projects up to just over $175,000.   The Highway Superintendent said he would like to do a couple of roads off North Michigan with higher residential counts and traffic counts. Two of the roads Peters discussed were 6C and 7B.

The other project Peters suggested relates to a project the City of Plymouth is undertaking…Pioneer Drive north of U.S. 30 to 7th Road.

The highway superintendent said he wanted to approach the contractor awarded the city’s project and ask them for a price to complete Pioneer in the country from 7th Road to 7B Road once they have completed the city’s project. He estimated the cost to be about $78,000.  Peters said he would be saving money since another contractor would have mobilization costs.

Many of the County Council members indicated their support of the suggestion but could not take official action since the additional was not advertised.  The council will consider his request in their August meeting.