Local NewsThe Plymouth School Board approved changes to the 2020 Classified Conditions of Employment during their meeting Wednesday evening.

Some of the changes made include:  “The following benefits will apply to a Plymouth Community School Corporation (PCSC) classified employee based on their status of employment as defined.  Sick Days are defined by PCSC as the illness or accident of the employee. An employee may use up to six (6) or eight (8) sick days, depending on the job classification, for the sickness of a spouse, child, parent, a relative or dependent living in the employee’s household, or an individual for whom the employee is medically responsible.  Additional days may be taken from available sick days for a serious illness involving a member of the immediate household upon approval of the Superintendent. Documentation of the extended illness may be required. Sick days will be figured by the hour. Any time taken off to go to the doctor can be counted as sick hour(s). Employees may accumulate up to one hundred (100) sick days with the exception of bus drivers who can accumulate fifty (50) days. If hired after January 1st the amount of days will be prorated.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be August 4.

Carol Anders Correspondent