Taxes DueMarshall County Treasurer Angie Birchmeier would like to remind taxpayers who were unable to make their tax payment on-time that per Governor Eric Holcomb’s Executive Order of March 19, 2020 which dictates that counties waive property tax penalties for 60 days after the due date of NON-ESCROW tax bills only will end this Friday, July 10, 2020.

If the taxpayer has yet to pay the Spring Installment, the final date to pay, without penalty, is July 10, 2020. Payments may be sent via USPS (please ensure your payment is postmarked July 10th or before) or by utilizing one of the drop boxes located inside the vestibule on both the north and south ends of the County Building. We also have a drop box on the outside of the south end located just west of the double doors. Taxpayers may also pay with a credit/debit card by going online by going to the County’s website at w and clicking on Property Taxes (convenience fees will apply).

If you are unable to pay prior to penalties being added please note that if there are no delinquencies a 5% penalty will apply for the first 30 days. If not paid within the first 30 days, the penalty will become 10%. For parcels where there are existing delinquencies an automatic 10% penalty will apply.

Residents are welcome to call us at 574-935-8520 with any questions or concerns. We appreciate the public’s patience and understanding during this difficult time.