1220 LWEThis week the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals agreed to extend a variance given to Paul Oveido for the property at 1220 Lincolnway East in April of 2017.

Three years ago Oveido was granted a variance for a 4 unit multi-family building in a traditional residential zoning district.  The structure had been used as an apartment building for many years but the zoning was changed and a variance was required to have a multi-family building. The variance granted in 2017 also required the owner of the building to bring it up to current code and have the required parking from city standards.

Tuesday evening Oveido was asked how much longer he needed to make the necessary changes and he said three to six months.

The Plymouth BZA granted the 90 day extension and told Oveido no tenants in the building until he is issued an occupancy permit.  They also told the property owner he must work with the building inspector and acquire the necessary permits for the required work to bring the building up to code.