Heartland-Gallery-logoEach year, the Heartland Artists Gallery features seven solo artists hailing from various locations throughout the state and region. Each of these artists have their own show, complete with a public opening reception, an art talk, and an entire month at the front of the gallery. It goes without saying that the Gallery has had to adapt to recent events, so when the Gallery took a leap of faith in May and successfully held their annual Small Wonders Juried Art Exhibit online, they knew virtual shows could also work for featured artists. On July 3, the Gallery unveiled its newly designed website, including a page devoted to the works of July’s featured artist, Josh Hozey.

“I have been labeled an outsider artist by most. I appreciate the original outsider artists who, mainly being psychiatric patients, were not restricted by the confines of mainstream art. Looking through my own history and collection I can’t fully disagree with this assessment, especially since my art is a little different than most and the restructuring of objects and/or the searching of the depths of the psyche are the foundations of my Acrylics. To me art is a fusion of my analytical thinking and subconscious with shape, color, and design. Color is especially important when telling the story. Often, I argue with my brain to get the right color. Much time is spent, with eyes closed, asking my brain, willing or not, to run different color simulations in order to get the right combination.”

Upon viewing Josh’s work, one cannot avoid being engrossed by his imagination and detail. Characters from Alice in Wonderland, jesters, robots, and gladiators meet flying eyeballs and hybrid creatures who represent the best and worst of humanity. Themes of love, trust, friendship and self-examination are intermixed with steampunk, cubism, and abstract styles – all designed to challenge the viewer to think and interpret what is going on the artist’s mind. Fortunately, Josh has added a synopsis to a few of his paintings, leaving the guesswork out of some of the collection, but the pieces remain open to the curious viewer, which is exactly what Josh is aiming for. He states, “When creating my works, while I infuse my own ideas into the painting, I purposely construct portions to allow for open interpretation as well. This allows others to bring my world closer to their own.”

Josh’s paintings will be on display on the Heartland Artists Gallery’s website at www.heartlandartgallery.com through July 31st. Those interested in purchasing his work or would like to inquire further can call or email the Heartland Artists Gallery in Downtown Plymouth. Member art is on display and available for purchase during the newly open hours of Thursday – Saturday, 10am -2pm.

The Gallery’s mission is to support area artists, and to bring and to teach the arts to our community. Our not-for-profit Gallery gives area artists a venue to show and sell their artwork. Activities are made possible in part by the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County, and the Indiana Arts Commission, which receives support from the State of Indiana and the National Endowment for the Arts. Visit www.heartlandgallery.com and find us on Facebook and Instagram. For more information contact the Gallery at 574-936-9515. The Gallery is located at 101 N. Michigan Street in downtown Plymouth.