Argos_Town SignAfter months of planning and much behind the scenes work, a project of the Stellar Communities Designation will break ground in Argos next month.

In December 2019, Marshall County Crossroads was selected as a Stellar Communities Designee. Directed by community input, each hometown in Marshall County submitted projects that would raise the quality of life for its residents. As a result of being designated, Marshall County will have access to state funding for specific projects that were included in the application.

Mandy Campbell, one of the Argos representatives on the Stellar Regional Planning Team states “It is exciting to see all the hard work of many people come to fruition. Ideas developed in our own town hall meetings, presented on the stage at the state house, and now breaking ground is surreal. I’m looking forward to spending time in the new developed spaces in Argos.”

Argos is focused on two main projects submitted in the Stellar application; the downtown revitalization space and updates to what is currently known as Pond Park. In addition to the projected positive economic impact, the overall intent with both projects is to raise the quality of life for town residents and the guests that visit.

The first project visually showing upgrades is work beginning in the park. Ed Barcus, Park Board President states “we are making some major upgrades to one of our parks. We are adding a gazebo, picnic shelter area, seating, bridge to the small island, restrooms, parking, fishing dock, and small playground equipment.” For years, the locals have unofficially called the park “Pond Park,” however, in a few weeks the park board will seek input from the public to help rename the park. Barcus adds “there was never an official naming of the park. Years ago people just started referring to it as Pond Park. Our hope is engaging the community to name the park will result in something a little more fitting.”

The park updates are expected to be completed later this Fall. Look for future announcements for renaming Pond Park as well as updates to the downtown space.

Additional information can be found online and on the town Facebook page: @TownOfArgos.