millers senior living logoHAPPY NATIONAL LEON DAY! – greeted the residents of Miller’s Assisted Living Facility as they entered the Recreation Center for their Thursday afternoon activity. Activity Director Cindy Flagg was wearing her “SANTA’S Favorite Activity Director” Christmas green t-shirt as the Christmas tree lights were twinkling in the background. What does LEON DAY have to do with Christmas? Flagg explained that LEON happens to be NOEL spelled backwards and June 25th is the halfway mark to Christmas. Only 6 more months until Christmas. What a great day to celebrate. The party began with the residents filling in words to a MAD-LIB Christmas story. Then the entire group joined in a musical Christmas play about the birth of Christ. While the Carol Carlberg and Flagg passed out red and green Christmas cookies the residents reminisced about family Christmas traditions and favorite Christmas menus. There was much celebrating and the party ended as each person present received a Christmas card and gift from Flagg as well as several Christmas word search puzzles to take home with them.