millers senior living logoJune 19th was National Kissing Day. The objective of this very special day is to appreciate and enjoy a kiss. However, Miller’s Assisted Living is still on lockdown from the Corona Virus pandemic so there can be NO KISSING to celebrate the special day. However, with a little ingenuity Activity Director Cindy Flagg and Volunteer Hal Scott came up with a Kissing Game that worked and brought happiness to the residents. Scott found some red, wax lips reminiscent of yesteryear and had his wife take his picture wearing wax lips and different hats. Flagg took the blown-up photos and made two Kissing Booths – one for upstairs and one for downstairs. There was a list of Kissing Booth Rules that every resident received. The number one rule said there would be no actual kissing allowed. Flagg provided red kissing lip stickers. For every sticker kiss Hal received the person giving him the kiss received Hershey Candy Kisses and Hugs in return. They also received a miniature, autographed photo of Hal in his wax lips and hat. It may seem a little silly but one resident was heard to proclaim “even though we’ve been locked down we sure have a lot of fun here at Miller’s!” We are so happy our residents are able to say that!