Argos Schools signEnergy usage is costly both in terms of expense and long-term impact on the environment. School corporations all over the United States are investing in resources, technology, and new practices to undertake efforts into reducing energy.
Argos Community Schools is joining the effort having recently completed a comprehensive energy savings project with Johnson Melloh Solutions (JMS), a Veregy Company. The energy reduction project will save the school corporation and local taxpayers over $3,000,000 over the next 25 years. The investment will also allow the school administration to reinvest in new curriculum and education-based initiatives which includes STEM, 21st Century Learning, state of the art technology, and public safety.
Ned Speicher, Superintendent of Argos Community Schools states “the advantages and benefits of our new energy saving campus will become a teaching moment as green, renewable-energy will be added to our curriculum to engage our students and educate them about a reduced carbon footprint. We will also be able to emphasis the economical savings associated with a sophisticated energy reduction strategy.”
In order to generate the energy savings, JMS rehabilitated and restored six roof sections that were out of warranty and installed a 225-kW rooftop solar array consisting of 636 high efficiency solar panels, four power inverters and a 65-kW high efficiency natural gas micro-turbine.
Speicher added “We don’t have to fret about the out of sight out of mind for our solar panels. Large monitors displayed throughout our buildings will illustrate how much energy was produced and saved by the solar array on a given day. We are excited our students will have the chance to truly understand and visually gauge our energy impact.”
Argos Community Schools is planning a formal ribbon cutting ceremony which will take place at a later date.
Argos Community Schools has always followed the tradition of providing quality instruction to all students so that they can achieve success in learning. As a one campus k-12 school corporation, the goal is to maintain excellence to ensure the success of every child. Learn more about this high achieving school at
JMS-Veregy is an award-winning engineering and energy service entity that creates pathways to eco-friendly buildings with systems’ optimization, generating immediate and future energy savings and long-term gains. JMS solar is utilized by many K-12 school corporations throughout Indiana along with the Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Evansville International Airports. For more information visit