County Highway_painting_1Marshall County Highway Department has decided to start the 2020 Road Program Thursday.
Over the next few weeks crew will be working on the following sections of roads.
Chip and sealing:
Jarrah Road from 9a to 8a single seal.
Jarrah Road from 8a to 7th will be a triple seal. Prime with a layer of no.9’s then spray oil and add another layer of 9’s, then spray another layer of oil and cap with no. 11 slag.
Once completed crew will move over to Hickory road.
Hickory Rd from 7th to North side of the new bridge will be a single chip and seal layer of no. 11 slag as this section was pug paved 2 years ago. South of the bridge 8th Rd to 9b will be triple sealed, as this sections was reclaimed this year.
Once completed, crews will move to Juniper road and do a triple seal. 2 layers of 9’s and cap with a layer of no. 11 slag.
Once Juniper is completed 12b road from US-31 to Elm road will be chip and sealed with no.11 slag. 12b was wedge and leveled with pug and has held up very well, so

The Highway Department has decide to chip and seal instead of add another layer of asphalt.
As the chip and seal season start a few small thing really help out.

1. Reduce your speed on a chip and sealed road. The stone needs time to imbed in the oil and cure. 35mph is a good recommendation for speed on a fresh sealed road.
2. Traveling over 35mph on a fresh seal road dislodges the stone and is less likely to imbed back into the road surface. This also causes traffic to flip stone up, more so on a passing car.
3. Avoid sharp braking, quick acceleration and sharp turns.
4. If you can avoid traveling on the road for a period of time until it has cured out! Thank you for your help and cooperation! MCHD