On Friday, May 22, Tom Fry performed live on Moonlight, the Wild Rose Moon’s virtual streaming show that allows performers and producers alike to work safely in the landscape of Covid-19. Fry came in bright-eyed and excited to discuss his great love for early blues players and their instruments. During part one––out now via the Wild Rose Moon Facebook and YouTube channel (“Wild Rose Moon Moonlight”)––host John Bahler draws out Tom as he discusses his early background and his love for resonator guitars.
During the show, Tom’s songs flow so naturally one can hardly believe he considers himself––“a novice.” During the conversation Fry unveils his impressive knowledge of blues history. Influences such as Big Bill Broozy, Robert Johnson, or Son House, are discussed and examples of their styles demonstrated. “I wasn’t always able to jump between songs and styles like that––it took a lot of ‘plinking!’” he says, smiling.
Tom’s talent for storytelling is both evident in his songwriting and also in his seamless knack for fielding questions. Interviewer John Bahler is great at getting him to open up––talking about his struggles, songwriting tactics, and some ancestral trivia. Where part one showcased a bubbly, energetic side of Tom, part two lets Tom dance between his own personal sorrow and his taking a more commediac approach. In the second part of Episode 2, he brings out his gorgeous antique resonator guitar. This twangy sound accompanies the more serious side of Tom, where he sings lyrics like, “I’m feeling dry, can’t find a tear to help me cry.” It’s a tantalizing, heart-swelling experience you don’t want to miss.
You can catch Tom Fry’s second part on Friday, May 29, 2020 at 7 P.M. on the Wild Rose Moon Facebook and “Wild Rose Moon Moonlight” YouTube channel––anytime! You can catch the first part right now at the same address.