Plymouth Community SchoolsEight Plymouth High School students have been named to the 2020 National Scholastic Press Association NSPA Journalism Honor Roll for their journalism work this school year in Student Media courses taught by PHS English teacher Amy Schmeltz.
The eight PHS students are sophomore, Cristian Quintana (Intermediate Student Media), junior Chloe Garner, (Intermediate Student Media), and seniors Helen Chen, (Advanced Student Media), Topanga Deon (Advanced Student Media), Jessika Cuatlacuatl, (Advanced Student Media), Quincey Hess, (Intermediate Student Media), Bohanon Meadors, (Advanced Student Media) and Alexa Orozco (Advanced Student Media). All were nominated by Mrs. Schmeltz who teaches Student Media classes.
Chen, Cuatlacuatl, Meadors, and Orozco are two-time NSPA Journalism Honor Roll inductees. All four students were inducted last school year when they were juniors.
The NSPA, is the nation’s largest association for high school, junior high and middle school journalists. This year the organization has inducted approximately 1,300 high-school scholars and student journalists into the 2020 Journalism Honor Roll.
Inductees must serve for at least two years on a student media staff, in broadcast, newspaper, magazine, online or yearbook. In addition, the students have to earn a 3.5 or higher grade-point average on a 4.0 scale.
Plymouth High School was among 6 other high schools across the state that had students who were selected for this achievement.
Schmeltz said, “This is an outstanding group of students who take their jobs as students and as journalists very seriously. They understand the importance of fair, accurate reporting and they love documenting the history of the school year by taking photos and writing stories. I am really proud of their efforts.”
“These outstanding students excel in both the classroom and in their school newsrooms,”
associate director Gary Lundgren said. “The future of journalism is bright if these students are
any indication.”
Senior inductees are eligible to compete for a $1,000 scholarship, and NSPA will announce
the scholarship winner later this month. Inductees are also eligible to wear a special honor cord at graduation. All Honor Roll inductees will receive a certificate of recognition and will be listed in the association’s Best of the High School Press, a yearly publication showcasing the winners in the association’s student media competitions.
Plymouth High School is incredibly proud of the eight students that have received this honor, and cannot wait to see what these students will accomplish in years to come!