Plymouth Community SchoolsOn Wednesday, May 20 Plymouth High School inducted 16 seniors into the 2020 Plymouth High School Academic Hall of Fame. This year marks the 34th year of the Academic Hall of Fame ceremony. A virtual awards program hosted by Plymouth High School Assistant Principal Josh Martin ensured that our Seniors had the proper celebration. Recipients of this award must have taken classes in the respective department for a minimum of six semesters and have a minimum of an A average. Individual departments may have additional criteria for determining their senior winner. Just like in past years, each PHS Academic Hall of Fame student recipient will receive an Academic Hall of Fame medallion. In addition, each recipient’s picture will be featured on the 2019-2020 PHS Academic Hall of Fame plaque, which will be on permanent display in the lobby area of Plymouth High School. Below are the names of the PHS Academic Hall of Fame seniors who were inducted into the Academic Hall of Fame, along with each of their areas of study. A video link to the PHS Academic Hall of Fame 2020 Awards program can be found on the PHS website and social media platforms.

Recipients are listed in alphabetical order below:

Recipient: Grace Bougher

Area of Achievement: Art

Parents: Michelle Bougher and Douglas Bougher

College/University: Kansas City Art Institute

Major: Illustration

Virtual Presenter: Faith Hansen

Recipient: Armando Chantea

Area of Achievement: Physical Education

Parents: Stacey Snyder and Bill Snyder

College/University: Ivy Tech West Lafayette

Major: Business Administration

Virtual Presenter: John Barron

Recipient: Helen Chen

Area of Achievement: Publications

Parents: Heli Chen and Wang Qun Yan

College/University: Purdue University

Major: Visual Communications Design

Virtual Presenter: Amy Schmeltz

Recipient: Nicholas Craft

Area of Achievement: WSOI Science

Parents: Stephen Craft and Pam Craft

College/University: Purdue University

Major: Biochemistry

Virtual Presenter: John Johnson

Recipient: Jessika Cuatlacuatl

Area of Achievement: Spanish

Parents: Angela Telez and Jesus Cuatlacuatl

College/University: Purdue University

Major: Health Sciences / Public Health

Virtual Presenter: Delia Gadziola

Recipient: Mary Catherine Flynn

Area of Achievement: Mathematics

Parents: Dan Flynn and Sarah Flynn

College/University: Butler University

Major: Accounting and Economics

Virtual Presenter: Ryan Rust
Recipient: Caden Grove

Area of Achievement: FACS

Parents: Eddie Grove and Melissa Hisey

College/University: Ball State University

Major: Undecided

Virtual Presenter: Susan Kuckie

Recipient: Zian Hansen

Area of Achievement: Band

Parents: Jerra Loftus and Ian Hansen

College/University: Undecided

Major: Undecided

Virtual Presenter: Bryan Ames

Recipient: Quincey Hess

Area of Achievement: English

Parents: Troy Hess and Heather Moore

College/University: Purdue University

Major: Health Sciences Pre-Professional

Virtual Presenter: Regina Warren

Recipient: Jenna Justice

Area of Achievement: Orchestra

Parent: Alyssa Justice

College/University: Ball State University

Major: Pre-Veterinary

Virtual Presenter: Jodi Kallenberg

Recipient: * Kelsey Kruyer

Areas of Achievements:

Performing Arts

Social Studies

Parents: Laura & Jim Kruyer

College/University: Purdue University

Major: Dental / Orthodontics

Virtual Presenters: Jane Faulstich & the several members of the Social Studies Department
Recipient: Griffin Nate

Area of Achievement: WSOI English

Parents: Troy Nate and Kristi Nate

College/University: Liberty University

Major: Business Administration

Virtual Presenter: Regina Warren
Recipient: * Alexa Orozco

Areas of Achievements:



Parents: Laura C.Orozco and Jesus Orozco

College/University: Purdue University

Major: Health Sciences / Medicine

Virtual Presenter: Mei Guan & Jeff Kindelan
Recipient: Konnor Ray

Area of Achievement: Business

Parents: Kenneth and Kimberly Ray

College/University: Undecided

Major: Accounting

Virtual Presenter: Gene Skirvin
Recipient: Cameron Riddle

Area of Achievement: Agriculture

Parents: Morry and Kim Riddle

College/University: West Point

Major: Undecided

Virtual Presenter: Shannon Verhaeghe
Recipient: * Hugh Smith

Areas of Achievements:

WSOI Social Studies

WSOI Mathematics

Parents: Dr. Tim Smith and Sarah Smith

College/University: University of Notre Dame

Major: Biochemistry or STEM Related

Virtual Presenters: Curtis Nordmann & Grant Masson
* Recipient of two areas of study