Marshall County Health Department logoPer Governor Holcomb’s May 1, 2020 public address, starting May 4, 2020, Indiana will begin a
phased approach towards reopening our economy in Indiana.
“We have developed a 5-stage roadmap that with our collective efforts, can help us reach
the goal of having Indiana back on track by July 4th – Independence Day. Of course, this
roadmap is subject to change. New guidance is provided regularly and more is known about
this disease every day.” – Governor Holcomb.
Stage 1: March 24, 2020 – May 3, 2020
 During this time, essential manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, government, business,
healthcare and other critical businesses and operations have been open.
 K-12 school buildings remain closed and all their activities are canceled.  Since Monday, Hoosiers have been able to resume having elective medical procedures.
Stage 2: May 4, 2020 – May 23, 2020
 Hoosiers 65 and over and those with high-risk health conditions – who are the most susceptible to the
coronavirus – should remain at home as much as possible.
 The Governor will be easing restrictions in a measured way – although local governments may impose
more local strict guidelines as conditions dictate.
 Lifting the essential travel restrictions and permitting social gatherings of up to 25 people, following
the CDC’s social distancing guidelines. State government offices will begin to open for limited
interaction with the public. In addition, the remaining manufacturers, industrial and other
infrastructure operations that had not been considered essential will also open. Retail and commercial
businesses will open at 50% capacity. Examples include apparel, furniture, jewelry and liquor stores
that have been operating as curbside or delivery only. Shopping malls may open at 50% capacity with
indoor common areas restricted to 25% capacity. Restaurants and bars that serve food may open
starting May 11 at 50% capacity, but bar seating will remain closed. Personal services, such as hair
salons, barber shops, nail salons, spas and tattoo parlors also may open on May 11 by appointment
only and must follow social distancing guidelines. Those who work in office settings are encouraged
to continue to work remotely whenever possible. In fact, if anyone can work from home, we
encourage you to continue to do so.  Starting May 8th, indoor worship services may also convene, following specific social distancing
guidelines – while those 65 and older and those at elevated risk will be asked to stay home.
Stage 3: May 24, 2020 – June 13, 2020
 Individuals at risk, including those over 65, may venture out cautiously. Those who can work
remotely should continue to do so.  Social gatherings of up to 100 people may occur. Retail stores and malls may move to 75% of

Movie theaters may open at 50% capacity and mall common areas – such as food courts and sitting
areas – may further open to 50% capacity. Playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, pools,
campgrounds and gyms and fitness centers may open with restrictions and social distancing.
Stage 4: June 14, 2020 – July 3, 2020
 Face coverings will be optional and social gatherings of up to 250 people may take place, and large
venues may open with adherence to social distancing guidelines.
 State government buildings will reopen to the public. Professional office building employees may
resume work at full capacity. Retail stores, malls open at full capacity with social distancing
guidelines in place. Dining room service may open at 75% capacity, bar seating in restaurants may
open at 50% capacity. Cultural, entertainment and tourism may open at 50% capacity. This includes
museums, zoos, bowling alleys, aquariums, and like facilities. Recreational sports leagues and
tournaments may resume, and amusement parks, water parks and like facilities may open at 50%
Stage 5: July 4, 2020
 We will continue to do social distancing, but conventions, sports events, fairs, festivals, state fair and
like events may resume and remote work will be optional. Retail stores, malls, restaurants, bars,
nightclubs, gyms and personal services may operate at full capacity. Restrictions will be lifted at
amusement parks, water parks and like facilities.  At this time, we will decide how to approach the next school year.
Detailed information is available at
“Now comes the hard part. As life starts to slowly return to normal, making progress towards
being fully back on track will require constant vigilance – from all of us.As we lift
restrictions and more people return to work, visit a store or restaurant, and participate in
more activities, the number of COVID-19 cases will increase. If we cannot continue to meet
our 4 guiding principles, all or portions of the state may need to pause, or even return to an
earlier phase of our stay-at-home order. In other words: this is up to each of us, and all of
us.” – Governor Holcomb
“In times of crisis, Marshall County residents always pull together as a community, and this time
has been no different. We worked vigilantly with all County departments, community leaders, and
business owners to keep our people safe and slow the spread of COVID-19. Individuals across our
county have gone to incredible lengths to protect our families, friends, first responders, and healthcare
workers. These collective actions have allowed us to get to the point where we can begin this phased
reopening of our economy.
Once we begin to reopen, we want to stay open. Our personal responsibility to protect those
around us remains just as important as any time during this pandemic. We have done this the Marshall
County way by taking care of our neighbors when times get tough, and we will continue to do so. Thank
you for doing what is best for our county, our workforce, our frontline workers, and our families. I am so
proud of Marshall County as the head of the health department, as a resident, as a mother, and as the wife
of a first responder. Even though we have to stay apart, we are in this together.” –