Miller's Senior Living logoThe month of April was National Safety Pin Month. While that may not sound too exciting to many of you, it is an invention that comes in quite handy! The residents at Miller’s Assisted Living not only spent time learning about the safety pin and who invented they also spent time using safety pins to make a fun craft/game that they will be able to play with their visitors when the facility is able to open up again. While learning all about Walter Hunt and his many different inventions including the safety pin; residents made a cute self-contained fishing game using a large safety pin as the hook on the end of a fishing pole and smaller safety pins attached to little paper fish they were able to “catch” with their “hook”. Lots of fun ensued upon completion of their crafting games!!!

Residents taking part in this activity were as follows: Mary Probst, Joan Owen, Frances Byrer, Norma Montgomery, Norma Young and Patty Miller.