Miller's Senior Living logoResidents at Miller’s Assisted Living are missing their volunteers but they found out that the feelings go both ways.  Volunteer Hal Scott organized a group of Miller’s Assisted Living volunteers to surprise the residents Friday afternoon with a car caravan around the building.  Six active volunteers (and one canine) lined up at 1:00 p.m. with their American flags in hand and circled the building three times honking their horns and waving and hollering to the residents.  It was delightful to see the residents at their apartment windows waving and throwing kisses!! 

The volunteers then parked their cars and took time to walk around the building to wave hello and talk through the windows as best they could.  The residents were excited but the volunteers believed it helped them even more to be able to touch base with their Miller’s friends.  Taking part in the Car Caravan were volunteers:  Hal Scott, Diane Schaal, Kathy Ambrose, Sharon Duff, Phyllis Wright, Becky Hooley, and Daisy Mae (the canine).