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The Triton School Board met on Monday, April 13 for a regular monthly meeting; however, they did alter the format to restrict the number of people in one room due to the mandates associated with the coronavirus. Board President, Terri Barnhart, conducted the meeting in the administration building along with board members Kevin Miller and Wes Rettinger. Board Vice-President, Kevin Boyer, and Secretary, Steve Stichter, joined from remote locations. The entire meeting was live streamed on Facebook and patrons were given the opportunity to ask questions by commenting on the site.
Superintendent Jeremy Riffle shared his appreciation for the contribution of the entire staff.

He said, “We work as a team. Each member provides essential leadership in support of our common goals. Triton School Corporation is taking these unfortunate circumstances to sharpen our tools and prepare our classrooms for the Digital Learning. Melissa LaShure , Zach Shafer, and building level leaders are taking responsibility for sharing the expectations of our staff over the coming month to prepare for and become better equipped to distribute high quality content virtually through Google classroom.”

Speaking to the Lunch Program. Riffle said, “I want to thank Margo Lemler and Jami McIntyre and the rest of the Triton Food Service Department for their continued support of our scholars through the ongoing Lunch Program.” Meals are provided on Mondays and Thursdays at three satellite locations. Those requesting meals must complete the Food Service Request Form on the corporations’ website or Facebook site. At this point, they are distributing 200 meals.

Riffle said, “Each person affiliated with the TCS system, including students, employees, parents/family members, and community stakeholders share accountability for our performance results and for providing personal best effort in support of our goals.”
Riffle briefly reviewed the methods and dates for students to complete work at home. Digital lessons and paper packets for those without access are posted on Triton Elementary webpage under alternative Learning. A weekly news note is available digitally and will be handed out at bus stops and Tuesday evening pickups.

The pre-school kickoff was canceled. All enrollments is online for the 2020-2021 school year. Kindergarten roundup has been postponed until June 3, 6:30-7:30.
Plans are for the elementary students to pick up the contents of their desks on April 28.

According to Riffle, instead of letter grades based on percentages, grades 1-6 at TES will utilize a Skills Scale for the last grading period which allows teachers to assign points based on overall student competency on an assignment rather than strict percentages of number correct.

Staff at the Jr/Sr High School will be reaching out to each senior to answer any questions they may have on an individual basis.