Plymouth Community SchoolsThe Plymouth School Board held their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 7; however, the format of the meeting was unprecedented. Due to the measures taken by the State of Indiana to limit in-person interactions due to the COVID-19 virus , the meeting was held virtually via phone.

The seventeen- minute meeting was recorded. According to Superintendent Andy Hartley, they have been in contact with the State Board of Accounts and determined that board signatures can be obtained digitally.
The board unanimously approved a bid of $77, 882.50 from Protech Incorporated, Ft. Wayne, IN, for asbestos abatement in the current Lincoln Junior High Building.

The building is scheduled for demolition this summer as the new LJH structure is being completed. The amount includes a cash allowance of $25,000 for extra work to be completed on a unit price basis.
Hartley said the asbestos within the building has been monitored by the maintenance staff of the school corporation and the need for removal was anticipated. Hartley indicated that an estimated $100,000 had been included in the overall budget for the building project.

Three contractors submitted bids including Protech Incorporated; Environmental Assurance Company, Inc; and National Environmental Services Corporation.
The board also voted 5-0 in favor of Resolution 2020-6 authorizing emergency Action by the superintendent. The resolution contains the following: The Board of School Trustees of the Plymouth Community School Corporation recognizes that in the event of an emergency, immediate action may be required to protect the safety of students, staff and the community. In many cases, emergency action will be required before the board is able to meet and authorize such action….. . “

In a second resolution (2002-7) , they ratified the superintendent’s emergency actions, including, but not limited to, the closure of school and use of eLearning, requesting that all in-person meetings, including staff meetings, be moved to virtual using online platforms. There was also authorization for the continuation of those staff who were previously placed on call or given permission to work from home to do so until further notice.

Near the end of the meeting, Hartley shared his appreciation for the maintenance and custodial staffs for their continued work. He said their work is considered essential.

The board also voted unanimously to allow Adult Education to apply for State, Federal and other grants.

The next scheduled board meeting is Tuesday, May 5th.