Plymouth Community SchoolsAlthough the school buildings throughout Indiana are closed until the end of the current school year, instruction will still be extended through the use of technology. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb directed that all schools must remain closed in response to the continuing spread of COVID-19.
Actions taken in 2015 have made it easier for Plymouth Schools’ administrators and teachers to use technology to continue to teach students through eLearning. PCSC was one of the first school corporations in the state to receive implement the long-distance education.
Plymouth students had already been using computers for one-one classroom activities when the then superintendent, Daniel Tyree, applied to the state to be allowed to offer eLearning in the event that there were extended snow days.
On Friday, current Superintendent, Andy Hartley, said, “The fact that we have been utilizing eLearning for several years adds to the already high level of confidence I have in our teachers, staff and administrators-not only in their skillset, but also in their ability to adapt to the challenges that are before us.”
Hartley added, “I have already seen the utilization of new tools to teach lessons, and most importantly, to connect with students and families.” “I know that time is not going to be easy; however, knowing how our staff is working to ensure connections are maintained with each student is reassuring-not only as superintendent , but also as a parent and as a member of the community.”