Argos_Town SignThe landscape in which neighbors connect has rapidly changed in recent weeks. Events and social functions that communities have worked hard to build to enhance the quality of life for its residents are now being cancelled. 

This is the case for Argos too. Early January, a group of community representatives, business owners and local residents created a group called Elevate Argos. Their main goal is to raise the quality of life in Argos through social connections. Elevate Argos had already began planning events for 2020. 

“In the midst of this new normal, Elevate Argos is thinking outside the box to keep our momentum moving forward within the confines of the social distancing guidelines” says Jon VanDerWeele, one of the originators of Elevate Argos. “We are remaining positive and temporarily moving our focus to the creation of opportunities we can enact now to still feel connected yet keeping our physical distance.” 

“One event Elevate Argos is initiating is Front Door Fun” says Lisa Mullaney, Argos Town Clerk. “On Thursday, April 9th a local photographer is going to drive through Argos, and from a safe distance, capture families posing by their front doors for a community-wide photo session. Families are encouraged to act out a scene from their favorite family friendly movie. We will then post the pictures online and ask everyone to guess the movie.” 

Elevate Argos is creating additional opportunities to raise the quality of life in Argos. Follow their social media pages to learn how they are going to break-up the boredom in the coming weeks. To play along on the Front Door Fun photo sessions, families must register their address by emailing

Additional information can be found on their Facebook page: @TownOfArgos.