Severe WeatherThe National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center has placed Marshall County in the “Slight” risk category for severe weather on Saturday.  Strong winds are likely on Sunday with gusts near 50 mph.

THREAT:  Large hail, gusty winds, and Tornadoes possible on Saturday.  Heavy rain may cause some flooding issues in low lying areas and ponding on road surfaces. We could also see a rise in water levels in ditches and creeks.

IMPACTS:   Damage to trees, may lead to downed powerlines which could cause power outages.Trees across roads or into buildings.  Flooding in low lying areas or areas that are prone to flooding during heavy rains may cause property damage.  Hazardous driving conditions caused by water on or across road surfaces.

PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS:  Secure loose objects outdoors that can be blown around and cause property damage.  Check batteries in flashlights to be sure they are working properly. Be mindful of water across roads and never drive through flooded areas.  Monitor local news for weather updates and be prepared to take shelter should severe weather threaten.