Judge Dean A. Colvin confirmed that Governor Eric Holcomb signed Senate Bill 256 on Saturday March 21st establishing as a matter of law a third Superior Court for Marshall County. The Court will become a part of the judicial landscape consisting of the Marshall Circuit Court, Superior Court No. 1 and Superior Court No 2. and will begin serving the citizens of Marshall County on July 1, 2021. This is great news for the citizens of Marshall County Colvin said adding this third court will provide new opportunities to address the current caseloads and establish specialized courts to deal with drug and substance abuse, veterans affairs and elder law cases the likes of which the courts have seen a substantial increase in over the last decade.
Securing an additional court has been a long process which began for Marshall County some ten years ago when the number of cases in the courts consumed in excess the judicial time available in the courts to process the quantity of cases filed in a timely manner. The courts of Marshall County have consistently managed caseloads well in excess of those typically managed by three judges. In consultation with Judges Curtis Palmer and Robert O. Bowen, and after examining the number, of civil and criminal cases filed and the advent for specialty court services, we determined the time was appropriate to make the request for a fourth court. I am pleased the legislature and governor have concurred in our assessment as well.
The addition of a fourth court will open new opportunities to hear cases and cut disposition time in all cases heard by the court.
The governor’s endorsement of the bill has set in motion the second stage for securing the court which includes selection of a Judge, staff, budgets and improvements to existing courthouse accommodations for the new court. Over the next several weeks a committee made up of Commissioners, County council and judges, will be working together on an implementation plan to ensure July 1, 2021, the court will be ready to serve the citizens of Marshall County.
There are many people I want to thank for their time and thought given to this project but for the sake of missing an individual I would like to thank all who worked in partnership with the courts to achieve important piece of legislation.