Plymouth Community SchoolsPlymouth Community Schools Superintendent, Andy Hartley, reached out to parents on Thursday evening concerning the mandate that was released earlier in the day by Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb.

In his emails , Hartley clarified the mandate, eLearning and food assistance saying, “Governor Holcomb announced today that all schools in the State of Indiana are closed until May 1. In response to this, the information that follows includes how Plymouth Community School Corporation is going to schedule eLearning through May 1.””

Hartley said, “Spring Break begins tomorrow and ends March 30. eLearning will resume on April 1 and will continue every Monday, Wednesday and Friday though May 1.” “There will be no eLearning on Friday, April 10 as this is Good Friday and was originally not on our corporation calendar.”

Additionally, all activities and events are cancelled through May 1.

Hartley said the sack lunch option has been helpful for many. He said, “We will continue offering lunches through Spring Break and during the weeks of closure through May 1.” “Beginning Friday, March 20 along with every weekday during Spring Break and every weekday that follows through May 1, lunches can be picked up between 11:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. at Door 1 at Plymouth High School only.”

Hartley said there is no charge for the lunches.  He added, “If these times do not work for you, yet there is still a need, please call 935-3115 and we will work with you. We do not want any of our students going without food during this time.”

Distribution of the lunches had been at three locations; however, since there will be fewer staff during the Spring Break , they are limiting the distribution to one location.

All of the information will be available on the PCSC website and will be posted on social media.

Hartley said, “We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience during this time. If you are in need of any support or resources, you can call 211 or we have a listing of resources on our website, or feel free to call your child’s teacher or the Administration building and someone will assist you.”

In a phone interview on Thursday night, Hartley commented on how the eLearning experience is working. He said, “The fact that we had been doing eLearning for a long time has been helpful as we enter into this new phase or our school year. We have a high level of expertise in our staff and they have been able to coach others.” Hartley said there are contingency plans for students who need to work on classwork without access to the internet and the teachers have prepared handout packets.