RecycleDepotThe Marshall County Recycle Depot will continue to provide drop-off recycling and household hazardous waste disposal during the present COVID 19 crisis, but customers will not be able to visit the Swap Shop again until March 30.


The Depot Swap Shop stocks household solutions such as paints, cleaners, gardening supplies, and automotive supplies that have been dropped off by patrons and are still usable. These are free to Marshall County residents to take and use up, which cuts costs on disposal and prevents these materials from going to the landfill.


“To stay in compliance with social distancing recommendations, we will be closing the Swap Shop until March 30, then reevaluating after that,” stated Marianne Peters, Executive Director. “We are sorry to restrict this service to patrons, but it will protect the health of our employees and patrons alike.”


Peters recommends that the public visit the Recycle Depot Facebook page for further updates on scheduling or services changes.
The Recycle Depot is Marshall County’s headquarters for recycling, household chemical and hazardous waste disposal, and environmental education. Compost bins and supplies, as well as rain barrel kits, are also available for sale. The Depot is located at 1900 Walter Glaub Drive, Plymouth, Indiana. For more information and hours, call (574) 935-8618 or visit the Depot’s website at