This morning, along with Fire Chief Rod Miller, Chief of Training-EMS Brandon Cooper, and other City Staff,  a meeting was held on the covid-19 virus topic was called by County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer. The meeting included representatives from all of the communities and government agencies throughout the County. The speakers at the event included Dr. Byron Holm and Lisa Letsinger from the Marshall County Health Department, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center President & CEO Chad Towner and Chief Nursing Officer Loretta Schmidt, and EMA Director Clyde Avery.

Current information was discussed.  The Marshall County Health Department will be in charge of communicating timely and accurate information about this virus.  By having only one source of information it will hopefully slow all the misinformation that is being circulated.  The MC Health Department is working closely with the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center to help identify and contain the virus.

More information will be disseminated from the MC Health Department.  The number 1 thing everyone needs to do is WASH YOUR HANDS!

If you have questions or feel you may be experiencing symptoms, please call your health care provider or the Marshall County Health Department (574) 935-8565.