Senator Todd Young 1-5-18U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) today participated in two events regarding the ongoing conflict in Syria. Senator Young participated in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the war in Syria, with witness testimony from Caesar, a Syrian military defector for whom the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act was named. Senator Young also spoke during an event hosted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum regarding the Syrian crisis that has killed more than 500,000 civilians and displaced 12 million individuals.


Senator Young urged the Administration to fully implement the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act and for the Government of Turkey to step in and provide life-saving aid and humanitarian assistance. Currently, the offensive around Idlib in Syria has produced thousands, if not millions, of new refugees.


“I remain very concerned about the ongoing conflict in Syria that the Assad regime fabricated and continues to fuel at great loss to the Syrian people. This morning, I heard from Caesar himself. This brave individual has contributed so much to the international community’s understanding of Assad’s crimes,” said Senator Young. “We should use Caesar as an example of courage, and look to his ability to provide millions with a voice. I look forward to working with our allies to help bring humanitarian assistance and peace to Syria and the broader Middle East.”