The Bourbon Town Council welcomed two Youth Members during their regular meeting on March 10. The addition of youth on the council is collaboration between the Triton School Corporation and the Council. Triton High School senior Byran Ulloa and junior Hadassah Chupp were chosen to serve by the staff at the high school. To be considered, students had to submit an application and go through a rigorous interview process. Eligibility was extended to only those students who live within the town. 

Council President, Ward Byers said, “These student members are non-voting members of the Town Council whose role will be both educational and practical. Ulloa and Chupp will play active roles during the Town Board meetings providing insight of the needs of youth in Bourbon, creating programs and community service projects in the town, all while engaging our youth.”

Ulloa will be a Youth Member until he graduates in June. Chupp will continue until the end of the calendar year. Each year a new Youth Member will be selected by the Triton Schools staff to serve alongside the Council members.

Council member, Les McFarland, said, “The opportunity to learn from our youth and build on their ideas and visions for Bourbon is very exciting.” He added, “Seeing the project getting off the ground has been a long- time goal of mine. “ According to McFarland, the idea of forming a youth member came out of meetings he attended as a part of the Stellar Grant Committee. 

Superintendent of the Water/Waste Water Department, Steve Stacy, explained some of the considerations of how new water meters could be installed this summer. Stacy indicated that they could hire two seasonal employees to complete the work at an estimated cost of $29,120 plus fees for drug testing and advertising or they could consider hiring professionals in the field at approximately $32,000. He provided information obtained from Neco located Cincinnati, Ohio. 

The Council voted unanimously to use the services of Neco once the meters have been purchased. The cost of installation by Neco will be taken from the Water Department budget. The meters will be purchased using a seven-year loan.

Clerk/Treasurer Kim Berger said they have met with representatives from New Focus concerning updates to the employee handbook. The next part of the updates will be to gather information from department heads for job descriptions.

The Council voted 3-0 to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Triton School Corporation. The Triton School Board had signed the memorandum at their meeting on March 9. Bourbon law enforcement will now be able to enforce parking on school property, especially the handicap designated spaces.