The Marshall County Health Department (MCHD) would like to assure the public that there is a local plan in place for COVID-19 (Corona Virus). MCHD is monitoring the status of the COVID-19 virus frequently and attend weekly webinar meetings lead by the Indiana State Department of Health. MCHD would like to remind the community we are still in the middle of flu season, the steps below will help protect against influenza/corona virus.

Steps everyone should take now are:

1. Perform Hand Washing Hygiene using the 20 second rule of washing with soap and running luke water OR using an alcohol-based hand rub, before and after you eat, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, maintain a social distancing at least 6 feet between yourself and someone that is sneezing or coughing. Have hand sanitizer readily available for these instances.

2. Contact your physician early if you or someone in the family develops a fever, cough, difficulty breathing or respiratory systems and tell your provider of any recent travel or contact with travelers

3. Use cough etiquette when sneezing such as into the elbow when tissues are not readily available and wash hands immediately after or use alcohol-based hand rub

4. Perform aerosol-generating procedures in your home, clean highly touched areas, and environments with disinfecting sprays

5. Stay home if you begin to feel ill, even with mild symptoms such as headache & slight runny nose until you recover. Avoid contact with others who are ill. Avoid unnecessary visits to medical facilities, this will allow these facilities to operate more effectively and protect you and others.

6. Limit all unnecessary travel to endemic areas where corona virus is prevalent.

For questions, concerns, or updates please call MCHD or ISDH Help Line 317-233-7125.