jail property overhead viewOn Monday the Marshall County Commissioners approved signing a purchase agreement for 10 acres of land that site immediately north of the Marshall County Jail for the next build it and they will come, manufacturing center.

Jerry Chavez President and CEO of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation started his comments on Monday by asking the commissioners to consider the success MCEDC has had with the shell building that Pretzels Inc. is now operating out of and the second manufacturing center in Argos that was purchased this year by Sequel Wire and Cable.

The Marshall County Economic Development Corporation is now poised to move forward with the next manufacturing center that includes a $400,000 grant from the Regional Cities Initiative.

Chavez said the plan is to start construction of a 50,000 square foot building after the winter season.  The building will be designed with the ability to expand if the owner has interest.

The agreed to price is $263,250 although the county would not receive their money for the property until one of two triggers is reached, either a 3 year term or the sale of the property.

Chavez said the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission is also on board with this building project.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said since this is an economic development project the county doesn’t have to follow typical rules to sell the property although the commissioners do need to be sure they are getting a fair value for the land.  Clevenger said, not too long ago there was interested in the property and two appraisals were made that came back less than the amount agreed to on Monday.

Clevenger did note some restrictions with the property due to the fact that a regulated drainage ditch runs along the south side of the property and the jail easement for access is on the east side.  The property also fronts on Pioneer Drive and Jim Neu Drive.

Commissioner Mike Burroughs motioned to move forward with the purchase agreement and Commissioner Stan Klotz seconded the motion and all three commissioners voting in favor.