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Adding to the holiday spirit at Miller’s Assisted Living Facility were members of the Plymouth Lincoln Junior High Band.  Under the direction of Ms. Lisa Wallyn, the Junior High Band divided into Ensemble Groups.  They gave each group a name, chose their music, set up practice times and then booked their own gigs.  The entire process from start to finish was a learning experience for each ensemble. 

Miller's-LJH Concert_1Miller’s Assisted Living was fortunate to have two separate groups play last week:  The Fabulous Ogres was made up by Duncan Carter, Bryce Ludwig, Austin Ward, Quinn Schuppert, Skye Shook and Brandon Nettrouer.

Playing with the Eggnoggins were Levi Hutchinson, Isaac Sammartano, Jack Christiansen, Quintyn Baird, Alex Mendez, Carter Filson and Miles Baren.

Photo are various pictures throughout the concert.