County news # 2Marshall County Commissioner Stan Klotz recently solicited bids from three local new car dealers to replace two Family Support Therapist vehicles in the Marshall County Probation Department.

Klotz said during the commissioners meeting on Monday that the lease with Enterprise on their current vehicles is up the end of January.  He said, “Enterprise is getting them back.  They’re not worth the money we are spending.”

Klotz told Commissioner Overmyer he asked the bidders for a purchase price and a lease option price too.  They were to submit a bid for a 4 door sedan with standard features.

During Monday’s meeting the sole bid received from Oliver Ford Lincoln was opened.  The bid was for two 2020 Ford Fusions sedans at an outright governmental purchase price of $18,399 each or a 48 month lease at $448.92 monthly.

Steve Keiser from Oliver Ford told the commissioners he would be able to supply the vehicles to the county in a matter of a couple of days.

The bids were taken under advisement with a recommendation to be presented at the December 16th meeting.