County News # 1The possibility of applying for federal funds to extend Veterans Parkway westerly to Pioneer Drive is off the table.

On Monday the Marshall County Commissioner took the extension off the grant application and added a second bridge project to the application for federal funding.

While nothing was said at the meeting, County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer did not receive a favorable response from the Plymouth City Council last week when he approached them on submitting a joint application.

The application submission deadline is December 13th and the City Council tabled any action on the joint application to allow time to receive more information.  It was commented that they could make a determination at their next meeting on December 9th if they wanted to join the county on the grant application.

County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters had told the commissioners last month he wanted to also submit the Randolph Street Bridge over the Yellow River in case the multi-million dollar extension of Veterans Parkway didn’t receive funding.

On Monday the Marshall County Commissioners approved bridge #232, the Randolph Street Bridge and bridge #11, the North Union Road Bridge over the Sarber Ditch.

Commissioner Overmyer said the Randolph Street Bridge “is in dire need.”

Commissioner Stan Klotz approved the second bridge on the application.  Commissioner Mike Burroughs was absent from the meeting.