WRM_Bill Scor_2New York City songwriter, Bill Sorzari, shares his emotionally moving songs and stories from his new album, Now I’m Free, for the up and coming 29th edition of the Wild Rose Moon radio hour.  Join host, George Schricker and radio announcer, Hannah Livengood, to hear childhood tales of Bill and his friends being chased by a mad neighborhood goat, a story about his first paid performance at the age of 13 in a bar called Chelsea’s, and his admiration for the work of songwriter, Justin Townes Earle.  The whole experience culminates in his sharing of his epic testament—a love song for life of enormous philosophical beauty–Yes, I Will.  Part prose poem, part song, part lament, the song captures, in prayer like fashion, such beautiful ideas as: “Your presence in my mind makes my mind so beautiful.” In the album’s signature song, Now I’m free, Bill sings. “Where small towers and blue roses haunt me with pictures of home . . .” It’s no wonder that Bill made such a splash at the legendary Newport Folk Festival this year and that Viola Kraus, of Making a Scene, calls Bill’s album, Now I’m Free, “a bold and delicate balance of (poetry and songwriting) . . . to say it is a thing of beauty is an understatement.”

WRM_Bill Scor_1Also appearing on The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour is a terrific local songwriter from Lakeville, Indiana, Martina Samm.  She shares a heartfelt rendering of her original song, I Believe. Martina also discusses her Nanofarm, a small greenhouse and garden she’s developing in Lakeville

Tune into WTCA FM 106.1 and AM 1050, this Saturday, December 7th, at 12 noon to hear this delightful and thought-provoking program.  It’s the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour, “A Home for Humans.”


Photos by Bill Langdon, used with permission.