County News # 1Last week, Marshall County Sheriff’s Matt Hassel asked the Commissioners to approve an out-of-state training request.

Sheriff Matt Hassel wants to have another officer trained as a Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE).  He said the officer that had the training went to work at Plymouth so he needs to get another officer trained with the number of drivers that are driving under the influence of drugs instead of alcohol.

The first part of the training is nine days in Indianapolis in January.  If the officer passes the course he will then travel to Florida in March for the second portion. The officer will work in a jail in Jacksonville and put his new skills to work identifying the drugs individuals that come into the jail are on.

Sheriff Hassel said the Indiana State Police will pay for the training; the county will be responsible for the travel costs and the officer’s salary.

The county commissioners unanimously approved the request for out-of-state travel.