County news # 2Jason Peters, Superintendent of the Marshall County Highway Department told the County Commissioners he discussed the idea of extending Veterans Parkway all the way to Pioneer Drive with the County Council at their meeting last week.  He said the call for projects is for 2025 with a submission deadline of December 13th.

The County Council was favorable as-long-as the City of Plymouth joined in on the application and was willing to pay their share of the local match.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said he spoke with Mayor Senter and City Attorney Sean Surrisi last week and they may ask him to appear before the City Council at their meeting on Monday, November 25th.  Overmyer said it the city isn’t willing to join in on the proposed $15 million project the county will not submit it for the 80/20 split.

Commissioner Stan Klotz asked what would happen if we submitted the project and then changed our mind.  He is also concerned on how the county would fund their 20% match.  The local match for the county is estimated to be about $1.9 million.  He said he doesn’t want to take money away from fixing roads to build a new road.

Peters said, “I think that’s where everybody is kind of at that point. Even in our discussions at the Friday meetings with Jon (VanVactor) and Penny (Lukenbill).  I felt like that was some of their concerns.”  Peters said that knowing ahead could give us an option on how to fund the project.

Commissioner Overmyer said the intent is not to take money away from the county highway but look at other sources such as rainy day or other avenues.

Klotz said their discussion on Friday was to possibly take money left in the budget at the end of the next several years and earmark it for the project.

No decision was made and the Commissioners will have to wait and see if the City of Plymouth is interested in joining the application process.  The portion of the local match was estimated to be $1.6 million.