mcedc_1Indiana Wheel Company, Pretzels Inc., and Sequel Wire and Cable are keeping construction workers busy as the three projects are all making noticeable progress on their respective expansion projects.

IWC has been working inside renovating the previously vacant structure on VanVactor Drive for the type of machinery that will be used in the production of steel wheels. Pouring new floors and pads, converting the space from a warehouse to one where heavy production will take place. Outside work is underway to deliver the electrical power that will be needed. Crews have installed new power lines and are in the process of installing a new substation.

pretzels_Inc additionPretzels Inc. has added over 120,000 square feet to their existing Plymouth facility to house additional ovens and packaging lines. Cement cast walls have been set and the expansion is under-roof. Crews are working on the mechanicals and installing the equipment inside the new structure. Pretzels Inc. officials expect to have production taking place on the expanded facilities in the first quarter of 2020.

Sequel additionIn Argos, Sequel Wire and Cable have erected structural steel and continue with site prep in their expansion plans. The original 50,000 square feet of building is being outfitted for production and the additional 112,500 square feet of expansion includes concrete foundations and iron work that is underway.

Provided by MCEDC