Triton JR-SR COLOR Triton-TDuring their November 11 meeting, the Triton School Board was briefed on plans for six Triton teachers to attend the Red for Ed Rally scheduled for November 19.  Superintendent Jeremy Riffle said they will be able to cover classes for the day with substitutes.

There are approximately 10,000 teachers from throughout the state that are registered to attend the rally that will be held at the Statehouse in Indianapolis. The date was selected to coincide with the “Organizational Day” of senators and representatives prior to the 2020 legislative session.

A presentation by the Triton Jr./Sr. High School was postponed till the December meeting due to weather concerns.  Before the meeting, Riffle indicated that they were moving the presentation so students would not be driving on impaired roads.

The board approved a memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Bourbon for the Student Resource Officer.

The board approved a number of resignations and appointments as follows:

Amy Middaugh, cafeteria; Ali Rohrer, substitute cafeteria; Matt Arvesen, Varsity Wrestling Coach; Jason Thompson, Varsity Assistant Coach;  Andy Barker, volunteer wrestling coach; Brock Vermillion, volunteer wrestling coach; Joe white, 8th grade Girls Basketball coach; Lisa Bemish, 6th grade Girls volunteer coach; Becca Kennedy, 7th grade Girls Basketball coach; Chad Kennedy, volunteer 7th grade Girls Basketball coach; Lindsay Shively, 8th grade Girls Basketball coach; Sam Stutzman, volunteer 8th grade Girls Basketball coach; and Jeremy May, 8th grade boys Basketball coach.

Resignations included: Joshua Moore, 8th grade basketball coach ; and  Alan Peckharn, HS tennis coach and maintenance position.

Carol Anders Correspondent