Miller's_Honor Vets Nov 2019 Henry Chip JimMiller’s Assisted Living Activity and Marketing Departments along with Mike Stack of Center for Hospice Care honored the Veterans living at Miller’s with a meaningful ceremony on Wednesday, November 6th.  Marketing Director Anna Corbett welcomed all present and Activity Director Cindy Flagg opened the ceremony with prayer and by sharing several Bible scriptures about GOD guiding and leading and never forsaking his children.

Miller's_Honor Vets Nov 2019 Bryan Henry HowardCFHC Professional Community Liaison Mike Stack who facilitates a monthly Vet to Vet Café at Miller’s then spoke and presented Certificate of Appreciation and Honor to each of the 11 Veterans present.  Following Mike was his father Jim Stack who spoke about his father who served and died in WWII.  Jim also presented the Activity Department with his book “Prelude to the Playoff” and 7 CD’s featuring music from the 1940’s.  The ceremony ended with a photograph session and refreshments.  Veterans who were honored included:  Henry Butler, Navy; Eugene Chipman, Navy; Carl Christensen, Army; Howard Hollenbaugh, Army; Jack Kinney, Sr., Army; Hobart Martin, Army; John Middleton, Army; Ken Roush, Marines; and Myron Whittaker, Army.  Also included were:  Miller’s Volunteer Hal Scott, Army; and Guest Gary Flagg, Army.